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Frequently Asked Questions

These are common Questions as best of our knowledge. So we try to answer them here:

What services do You provide?

We are into High-Quality, Cost-Effective BIM, CAD Design Documentation, Drafting, AutoCAD, interior & architecture outsourcing, 3d rendering & Revit for companies of USA, UK, Australia & other countries.

When should I involve an architect?

Actually, as you plan to start a project, You should start looking Architect too. Because they help you with important pre-design services including site evaluation and can help you explore options you may not have considered.

How do I find the right architect?

It is a most critical question because nobody can tell you that which architect will understand your way of planning. As we can tell about us, We are mainly working with Architecture Companies since 2004, It’s a big experience.

How are architects compensated?

It is based on time, a stipulated sum, a percentage of the cost of the work, the project’s square footage, unit cost (based on a number of rooms/apartments, etc.) For Studio Model we charge monthly.

What is your fees model? Does is Hourly?

We work on all 3 Models, For Studio Model we raise the invoice monthly but under Fixed fixed fees & hourly model our Invoice cycle is variable, it more depends on progress & Completion.

What is my role in all Designing process?

Only your continuous communication helps us to design well. Your design preferences, functional requirements, and budget. it is also important to raise any concerns, so they can be addressed in the earliest stages.

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